1. Mark McGrath: $6 million

In 2013, Mark had to cancel a ’90s nostalgia cruise called the “Mark McGrath and Friends Cruise.” He blamed the poop cruise.

2. Coolio: $100,000

In 2010, Coolio became a juggalo.

3. Mandy Moore: $10 million

Mandy is asking for “pet support” for eight animals after her divorce from Ryan Adams.

4. Sisqo: $4 million

In 2013, Sisqo was on an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap. He lives in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

5. Lindsay Lohan: $500,000

Lindsay apparently turned down an offer to appear on this season of Dancing With the Stars.

6. William Hung: $500,000

His website still exists in all its 2005 glory. His first album sold 200,000 copies. That’s almost twice as much as Mariah Carey’s last album sold.

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