Dylan Sprouse

Dylan played Zack the immature, loose cannon twin AKA the fun one.

These days he's at NYU, looking like the cutest co-ed ever:

He's all clothed here, but he's actually one of the few ex-Disney Channel stars to have leaked nudes that isn't a lady. He's also made news recently for working in a restaurant and he's quite the sh*t stirrer on Twitter. Told you he was the fun twin!

Cole Sprouse

On the Suite Life, Cole was the level-headed and mature twin, Cody. Personally I've never met a Cody that wasn't saddled with some kind of ADD, but I digress...

These days he's all level-headed and mature at NYU like his bro, majoring in humanties and archaeology:

Smart and fine!? These boys are cute, yo. And it's no longer creepy for me to think so. Well, kind of.

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