1. If you see a sign that says "God ends here" in Latin, maybe don't keep going?

Don't ever fuck with warnings in Latin.

2. If your radio turns on by itself in the middle of the night, do not investigate.

Just leave it. And give up.

3. Always keep a fire extinguisher close to your crucifix.

You know, in case it turns upside down and becomes supernaturally engulfed in flame at any point.

4. Try not to step inside a pentagram.

idk man, like just try your best?

5. Rig a bell to the inside of your coffin, in case you get buried alive.

Especially if you get buried alive next to an evil spirit.

6. If you run into a hooded figure at night, maybe walk the other way?

Just a thought.

7. And if a ghost nun invites you to spend the night in her haunted convent, maybe don't.

8. But if you're already there and they tell you there's a demon running around pretending to be a nun, definitely leave.

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