Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski is an absolute master of this, combining powerful social commentary and satire with beautifully illustrated pieces, to make us sit back and reassess our priorities. “From the beginning I found that illustration was the best way to express my observations,” Pawel said. “I always say, that I'm an illustrator of a surrealistic time, so that is reflected in my work.”

Pawel began his career outside of his native Poland in order to focus on more global issues. “I wanted to be understandable for all peoples,” he said. “I try not to speak directly about current problems. I try to find a wider view. Some times it's too wide! I receive many different kinds of opinion from people, that I'm old communist, liberal, fascist, conservative, anti-technological man, etc.”

In light of recent allegations surrounding Facebook and our data, the unjust wars that continue to rage around us, poverty, inequality and environmental degradation everywhere, these illustrations are highly relevant and deeply thought-provoking. What does Pawel think about the technology that we seem to be so in thrall to? “Facebook and other technological innovations are just the tools. It depends on us, for what kind of purposes we will use them.”

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