1. The Jersey

Network: Disney Channel

Original run: 1999–2004

Forgotten synopsis: A group of friends stumble upon a magical football jersey that, when worn, transports them into the bodies of famous athletes. Lover of sports or not, this was an awesome show and you know it.

2. Allegra's Window

Network: Nickelodeon

Original run: 1994–1996

Forgotten synopsis: Allegra's Window focused on youngster Allegra while she faced the struggles of being a little girl. It's a tough life!

3. L.A. 7

Network: Fox Family (US) and BBC One (UK)

Original run: 2000

Forgotten synopsis: L.A. 7 follows English pop group S Club 7 as they venture to LA to make a name for themselves in the music industry, performing whenever they can. The show tracks their everyday lives as they become accustomed to city life.

4. Caitlin's Way

Network: Nickelodeon (US) and YTV (Canada)

Original run: 2000–2002

Forgotten synopsis: Caitlin's Way focuses on rebellious teenager Caitlin as she moves from Philadelphia to rural Montana. We all kind of wanted to be like her.

5. Bug Juice

Network: Disney Channel

Original run: 1998–2001

Forgotten synopsis: Bug Juice documented the lives of several preteens while away at summer camp. This show was The Real World for kids.

6. Cousin Skeeter

Network: Nickelodeon

Original run: 1998–2001

Forgotten synopsis: Cousin Skeeter revolved around main character Skeeter, who moves in with his family, much to his cousin Bobby's dismay. Also, Skeeter was a damn hand puppet. So cool.

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