#1 Why did Zack Morris own a cellphone in the early '90s? Literally nobody owned one and his cell plan was probably $$$$!

#2 Why couldn't Dil talk like the other babies on Rugrats? Or did he have to reach a certain age to talk to them?

#3 What exactly is the liquid that is inside these things — and if it leaked, would it, like, leave a huge stain?

#4 Why were Pete and Pete both named Pete? Didn't their parents think that would be confusing?!

#5 Why was Urkel even going to high school?! He was clearly a super genius that could be working for NASA.

#6 What happened to Kuzco's parents?! Did they die and he inherited the throne?

#7 Did Beanie Babies ever really sell for their inflated '90s-worth?

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