Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? Whether it’s from Santa or not, the joy of unwrapping presents is incomparable. But, not everybody gets what they expect.

People share on the internet all the funny things they get that can't be forgotten. From crazy packaging pranks to hilarious cards, this funny gift idea list won't disappoint you. See below for some of the funniest gifts that will make you laugh as loud as Santa.

#1 We Exchanged Mugs For Christmas And Got Our Friend One With A Meme She Made Of Her Husband

#2 My Brother Collects “Action Figures”, I’m Going To Surprise Him For Christmas With This Work Of Art

#3 My Brother Got Our Mammy This Toilet Brush For Christmas. It Was By Far Her Favorite Present

#4 Oliver Got A Christmas Gift

#5 Goals

#6 Friend Of Mine Is A Welder, Here's His Present For His Boss

#7 That is so witty

#8 For Christmas This Year, My 97-Year-Old Grammy Gave Us A Calendar With Photoshopped Pictures Of Herself For Each Month

#9 For Christmas, My Mom Got My Dog And I Matching Pajamas

#10 One Of My Best Friends Just Gave Me This Blanket For Christmas. I Had To Take A Picture With The Featured Star

#11 My Grandma Said She Only Got Me Pizza For Christmas

#12 My Dad Couldn’t Breathe When He Handed Me This

#13 My Future Mother-In-Law Made Me This Shirt For Christmas. I Love It. Even Has A Pocket

#14 That's funny

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