1. When Mater lived in a junkyard in Cars, which was basically the equivalent of a human living next to a pile of body parts:

—Shannon Morton, Facebook

2. When all of Sid’s toys were totally conscious and felt everything while he tortured them, blew them up, and experimented on them in Toy Story:

—Samara Solomon, Facebook

3. When everything was super happy and cheerful, and then Ellie suddenly suffered a miscarriage in Up:

—Elizabeth Sanford, Facebook

4. And then right after you fell in love with her and her relationship with Carl, she died:

—queebee87, Buzzfeed

5. When Sully was convinced that Boo was killed and trash-compacted into a cube in Monsters, Inc.:

—Paloma Umaña, Facebook

6. When all the other robots on Earth stopped working, and Wall-E was left cleaning up humanity’s never-ending mess by himself, but all he truly longed for was companionship:

—battybritt, Buzzfeed

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