Making a cake is no easy task. Making a cake that tastes good but also looks good is difficult. These cakes were supposed to feature Disney characters. However, they are absolute fails, so recognizing those characters arent an easy task. These were most likely made for unfortunate kids who had their entire parties ruined by these cake fails. Needless to say, what they got wasn't exactly what they expected. These cakes are so sad they might make you shed a tear.

#1 We ordered s fondant Rapunzel cake topper. Needless to say we had a very good laugh at peasant Rapunzel

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#2 Throwback To That Time I Tried My Triedest To Make My Larry A Chewbacca Cake

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#3 Just When You Thought Sharks Couldn't Possibly Be More Terrifying

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#4 What I Asked For VS What I Got

#5 ...And That's The Last Time I Ever Tried To Make A Princess Cake For My Family

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#6 I Asked For A Cake Wreck Fail For My Birthday. They Nailed It

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#7 Crash And Burn

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#8 Olaf Cake

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