Cards Against Humanity is the single most offensive party game ever invented.

It’s vulgar, racist, sexist and pretty much every other kind of “-ist” you can think of. But that’s what makes it so fun. The game works in a way that there’s one black card which creates a scenario with a blank or two, then players use white cards to fill them in with the most outrageous things you can imagine.

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via: Instagram @Chezrepww

Look at the bottom right scenario.

______ is how Walt Disney liked to unwind. Simple enough scenario, right? Now imagine if someone filled in the blanks in such a way that it turned into:

The Holocaust is how Walt Disney liked to unwind.

Went from zero to a hundred lightning fast.

via: Instagram @Chezrepww

This Disney pack will come with all sorts of NSFW ideas.

So gather your friends, throw a party, and break out Disney Cards Against Humanity for all your socially unacceptable needs!

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