Meet Nephi Garcia, a 32-year-old fashion designer and father of three who lives in Orange, California.

Nephi, who has been designing for the past nine years, used to focus on high fashion. “But once I had kids, it started to feel like the industry wasn’t really working for me,” Garcia said.

Last year, after the family planned a trip to Disney World, Nephi’s 6-year-old daughter Lili asked him to make a costume she could wear to the park.

He made her a Fairy Godmother dress from some scrap fabrics, and she wore it on the family’s day trip. “She instantly went crazy,” he said. Some visitors even asked for her autograph. “The following day, I got an order for 10 costumes.”

And we can see why: Garcia’s costumes are OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD.


Let’s see that AGAIN.

“Lili really loves the transformation dresses,” he said. “And my son really loves to be dressed as the villains, especially Gaston.”

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