Every country has its own rules, and these rules also apply to cartoons. So the version you see inside the cinema or on your TV might not be the one everyone else in the world is seeing. It turns out that Disney and Pixar often tend to alter little details when screening films in different countries, and a few of those modifications are so refined, you may not even see.

From changing the newscasters in Zootopia to totally redesigning particular personalities like in the Japanese launch of Wreck-It Ralph, or a toddler choking down broccoli doesn’t make sense in Japan, since it’s a widely loved vegetable, so the food is swapped out for a bell pepper. The following are some of the movies that had to undergo little changes so they could be shown around the world.

#1 Inside Out

Riley's dad daydreaming about hockey vs. soccer.

#2 Coco

Title change in Brazil.

#3 Zootopia

Title change in UK.

#4 Zootopia

Different newscasters.

#5 Up

"My Adventure Book" Is translated into different languages.

#6 Up

Paradise Falls vs. hand drawn picture of the falls for better clarity.

#7 Toy Story 2

Buzz Lightyear's speech.

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