10. Haunted Mansion
This ride is sketchy and creepy as hell for so many reasons. First of all, the ride workers are always strangely gung-ho about making the experience as creepy as possible for small kids- even to the point of following them throughout the ride and the lines (yes, this has actually happened. Numerous times). Secondly, people have been known to actually scatter the ashes of their loved ones throughout the ride. WHO WOULD REQUEST THAT IN THEIR WILL?!

It’s also just sketchy because they perpetuate really horrifying rumors and urban legends about the ride. Without them, the ride is kind of boring (and let’s be real, the Eddie Murphy movie didn’t do much to increase the scare factor of it)… but that doesn’t mean you should want your guests believing that the hearse out front has really been used, that a mother dumped her son’s ashes on the ride and he haunts it, or that a man had a heart attack while on the ride and died. That’s some sketchy stuff, Disney.

(source therichest)

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