Let’s face it, Halloween can be a real stressor for parents and not just those for whom costume-making entails blood, sweat, and tears. The reason they put up with the angst, not to speak of stocking the house with tiny Snickers and Kit Kat bars, is the unmitigated joy their children derive from the holiday, which seems tailor-made for young imaginations.

They costume up as their favorite characters from cartoons, motion pictures, and tv shows. Truly, the best part of Halloween is to see how creative the kids (or the parents in charge) can get with their costumes. While some prefer dressing kids as a pumpkin or ghosts, others take it to the next level with something a bit more original. Check out these kids who ‘Ruled’ Halloween.

#1 My Son’s Young Maleficent Costume I’ve Been “Working On” For Two Years Finally Finished By His Mom Just In Time For Halloween

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#2 Starter Pokemon Triplets

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#3 He Wanted To Maui For Halloween But Wouldn't Let Me Draw The Tattoos

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#4 She Looks Just Like Grandma

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#5 Why Be A Princess, When You Can Be A Queen? Maleficent: Now Serving October 2020

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#6 Clowns - The Reason I Can't Sleep At Night. Pyper Is The One Exception. How She Manages To Be Cute And Scary, I'll Never Know

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#7 This Is The Cutest Halloween Costume

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#8 And The Best Costume Award Goes To

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