Since Monsters, Inc, Pixar animators have been hiding Easter eggs that actually hint at upcoming movies and it's CRAZY!

Some of the Easter eggs aren’t even recognizable until a future movie is released!

So, here are all the Easter eggs, so far, in chronological order:

#1 In Monsters, Inc (2001), Nemo from Finding Nemo (2003) is actually seen three times. He’s painted on a mural, hanging in the trailer Randall gets stuck in, and also one of Boo's toys:

#2 In Finding Nemo (2003), a boy in the dentist's waiting room is reading a Mr. Incredible comic book from The Incredibles (2004):

#3 Also in Finding Nemo, Luigi from Cars (2006) can be spotted driving past the gang as they escape the dentist's office:

#4 In The Incredibles (2004), Doc Hudson, who was originally supposed to star in Cars 2 (2011), is parked in Metroville during the final battle:

Doc Hudson was ultimately written out of Cars 2 after Paul Newman's death.
#5 In Ratatouille (2007), Dug's shadow can be seen in an apartment Remy wanders through — Up would later be released in 2009:

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