1. Why did the ocean not give Te Fiti's heart back?

The ocean is a sentient being that has had control of the Heart the entire time. Could it not just have thrown the Heart back to Te Fiiti and avoided the whole endangering a child's life? I don't mean to question the gods' logic here but ... COME ON! A demigod stole it, so why did a human have to return it?

2. If the family wanted her to avoid the sea so much, why did they name her Moana?

Moana translates as ocean. So, uh, no wonder she likes it so much? Sure, her dad used to be obsessed with water, but that obsession was over by the time Moana was a baby. Can't expect someone named Richie Rich to be poor, so don't expect someone YOU named Moana stay landlocked.

3. Why didn't they eat the rooster?

The tribe clearly eats meat, and when asked why they don't just eat HeiHei, Moana says it's because he might have hidden worth. And that would be a good lesson and all .... but like, does that mean they are eating more intelligent and self-aware chickens instead?

4. Why does the pig not grow up?

Moana gets a baby pig as a child, but as she ages, the pig does not. Okay, I didn't want either of them to age from adorable big-eyed babies, but maybe make the baby pig EVEN BABIER IN THE PAST THEN?

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