This is Gaston — known misogynist, hunter, impressive egg-eater, chest hair aficionado, and generally horrible person.

One thing we've always just assumed is that his first name is Gaston. Like Belle or Maurice or MADONNA. But, what if Gaston is his LAST name?

Okay, you can go shut up now, Gaston.

Let's look at the evidence: "Madame Gaston, can't you just see it?"

Hmm...why would Belle sing his full title like that if Gaston was his first name?!

The Bimbettes (seriously that's their official IMDb name) do a similar thing: "Monsieur Gaston, isn't he dreamy? Monsieur Gaston, OH HE'S SO CUTE!"

Hmm...why would they be calling him "Mr. Gaston" if Gaston is his first name?!

Of course, it's a little weird that a bunch of characters just call him "Gaston" — I mean, there's even a whole musical number about it:

But maybe that's just in the way that dudes call their buddies by their last name, you know?

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