The magic of Disney's Encanto isn't just about the story, the songs, or the characters, but all the intricate details animators and filmmakers used to make the world come to life. This is all the more apparent when it comes to the costumes, dresses, and clothing worn by the characters. Cosplayers worldwide are taking to their embroidery machines and learning lyrics to create TikTok’s and beautiful imagery of their favorite characters from the film. We’ve got to talk about 'theasgardoescosplays' cosplay of Bruno-no-no-no, best Bruno cosplay I've ever seen! Here are 14 of the most viral Madrigal family cosplays online.

#1 Abuela Madrigal

via: cosplay_100_visages

Image credit: Dude

#2 Bruno Madrigal

via: theasgardoescosplays

Image credit: TheAsgardianCosplays

#3 Luisa Madrigal

@maribelspiritualjourney #encanto #cosplay #luisa #lafamiliamadrigal #repersentationmatters ♬ Surface pressure - encanto movie

#4 Félix Madrigal

via: venture__bros

Image credit: Venture Bros

#5 Dolores Madrigal

via: cutiepiesensei

Image credit: CutiePieSensei

#6 Mirabel Madrigal

via: akimi._.akimi

Image credit: Akimi

#7 Mirabel Madrigal

via: its.cosart

Image credit: Madi

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