Disney's live-action take on its beloved story of Beauty And The Beast seems incredibly similar to the 1991 animation so far. Every new spot contains our favorite quotes from the original, and some scenes have been recreated so closely to the animated version that it truly feels like the characters are coming to life.

One aspect that can't be exactly like before, however, is the soundtrack. Since the performers are new, it would have been a shame to keep only the songs we know already. So Disney has found the perfect compromise: Bring in a performer from the iconic score, but with a new song!

Céline Dion Will Perform An Original Song For 'Beauty And The Beast'

While the Beauty and the Beast theme song in the animated version was performed by Angela Lansbury, the voice behind Mrs. Potts, Céline Dion famously recorded her own take with Peabo Bryson. But this time, the theme song will be performed as a duet by none other than Ariana Grande and John Legend — so what of our star Dion?

The Québécois singer is getting a new song all to herself: "How Does A Moment Last Forever" is a new original ballad by Oscar-winning songwriters Tim Rice and Alan Menken. Dion's performance will be used during the movie as well as for the end credits.

Until we get snippets of this exciting new project, you can listen to EmmaWatson's sweet voice on the popular "Something There":

Are you excited for Céline Dion's return to Beauty and the Beast?

(Source: MoviePilot and The Hollywood Reporter)

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