1. Originally, Toy Story 4 was supposed to be released ahead of Incredibles 2, but production was moving so fast that the two movies switched release spots.

2. In true Pixar fashion, Incredibles 2 contains an easter egg for the next Pixar film to be released — so, in this case, Toy Story 4.

3. But don’t expect to recognize it. According to creators, the easter egg “probably won’t make any sense until Toy Story 4 comes out.”

4. Incredibles 2 also 100%, absolutely, definitely contains the famous Pizza Planet Truck somewhere.

5. If you look at the marquis of the movie theater at the end, you’ll see “A113” written across it. This is a running easter egg in Pixar films, and a sweet nod to a room number at the California Institute of the Arts where many Pixar alums once studied.

6. Frozone’s wife, Honey, was originally going to make an appearance in Incredibles 2, but creator Brad Bird explained they didn’t end up including Honey visually because she’s “funnier as a voice.”

7. The team did design the character Honey, and even though she didn’t appear in the film, the character design appears as another superhero.

8. The hair in Incredibles 2 looks super different than hair in any other Pixar movie. Pixar developed a new hair program specifically for the movie. Each of the characters now has hair digitally grown on their scalp, which is meant to react more realistically to gravity and look “less floaty and light.” The last time the Pixar hair program was revisited was with 2001’s Monsters, Inc.

9. There’s a whole team of people whose job is to go into every single shot of the movie and make sure that the hair is reacting and moving correctly.

10. If you look closely, you’ll see that Violet’s hair is notably longer in Incredibles 2. With the new hair program, animators were able to grow her hair longer so it could cover her body more fully when she’s in her shy state.

11. Take a long glance at the sky in Incredibles 2 and you might see the same clouds from Pixar’s 2015 movie The Good Dinosaur. The creative team did such groundbreaking cloud work on that film, animators often used those same clouds as a template for the sky in Incredibles 2.

12. Municiberg isn’t based on any major city. It’s supposed to be “the kind of city that would be rapidly expanding, a midwestern kind of medium-sized city, like Denver, Colorado.”

13. The super suits in Incredibles 2 look very different from the ones in The Incredibles largely because technology has advanced so much. If you look closely, you can see a thicker weave in the suits, plus more folding, creasing, and texture when the characters move.

14. The Incredibles and Incredibles 2 are both supposed to take place in the “mid-century” era, aka the 1950s and 1960s.

15. Even though Bob’s holding a newspaper in The Incredibles that says 1962, Brad Bird clarified that the films are “'60s-influenced,” but with advanced gadgets, "just like a good James Bond movie or an episode of Jonny Quest."

16. Everything in Incredibles 2, from the architecture to the costumes, has been painstakingly modeled to mimic the mid-century American era. Even the furniture textures are made of era-specific materials like grass cloth and include specific decorative materials like teak and rosewood.

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