1) A writer for Lizzie McGuire revealed in a Tumblr interview that they almost added a gay couple to the series, but decided against it. This would have been a first for the Disney Channel in the early 2000s.

2) Lindsay Lohan was also considered for the role of Lizzie.

3) Ethan Craft was initially written as the school's bully, but once Clayton Snyder was cast in the role, the creative team decided he should be Lizzie's crush instead.

4) Hilary Duff completely bombed her first audition. She said she didn't even want to audition for the show and did a "terrible job." Producers told her she needed to focus and try harder. They invited her back for a second chance, and she did much better.

5) After Lizzie McGuire ended its run on the Disney Channel, the show was supposed to have a spinoff on ABC that followed Lizzie through high school. There was ALSO a planned sequel to the beloved Lizzie McGuire Movie.

6) Both projects were scrapped after negotiations between Hilary and Disney grew tense. There were major disputes about Hilary's pay.

7) Hilary's mom, Susan, did a lot of negotiating on her daughter's behalf — and one source claimed she was "a handful to deal with." But Susan has countered that the fallout was Disney's fault, noting, "They weren’t giving Hilary the respect she deserved.”

8) Susan has accused Disney of leaking negative things about Hilary and her parents to the press after their negotiations turned sour: "In my wildest dreams, I cannot imagine adults beating up on a 15-year-old kid in the papers like they have.”

9) After the show's cancelation, producers created a spinoff that focused on Miranda's little sister, Stevie. Selena Gomez was cast in the starring role, but the show never made it to air.

10) Do you remember Hilary's ~iconic~ single, "I Can't Wait"? That's actually a COVER. The original song is by Australian singer Brooke McClymont.

11) Lalaine, who played Miranda, mysteriously disappeared from the show's final episodes (she was on a "family vacation") and was notably absent from the movie. In real life, she had left the series to focus on a solo music career.

12) Lalaine went through a tough time after the show ended — she referred to that era as her "dark days." She was eventually arrested for drug possession — but fortunately, she says she's "in a completely different place now."

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