Tumblr user intergalactic-ashkenazi realized something about Moana and The Little Mermaid that'll forever change how you watch each movie.

"Moana is the reverse of The Little Mermaid," they wrote.

Careful — Moana and The Little Mermaid spoilers follow!

In Moana, the daughter of a chief wants to go to the ocean. In The Little Mermaid, the daughter of a king wants to go on land.

In Little Mermaid, there's a "big, scary ocean lady" who's a villain. In Moana, there's a "big, scary land lady" who turns out to be good.

In Little Mermaid, the villain has a magical necklace with a spiral on it. In Moana, the hero has a necklace that holds a magical stone with a spiral on it.

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