1. Did you wake up this morning wanting to look like Ursula from The Little Mermaid?

Artist: ohmystevie

Because she certainly did!

2. Maybe you'll appreciate this work of art inspired by the infamous Cruella de Vil.

Artist: vanessastyleinc

3. Or how about this Cogsworth-inspired look, a true tribute to Beauty and the Beast?

Artist: nailsandpalettes

Just look at those cogs! (⊙_⊙')

4. Someone found inspiration in the most enigmatic cat in the whole Disney universe.

Artist: marylo.lh

5. While others opted for the iconic Disney princesses from our childhood, like Snow White...

Artist: njcolsta

6. Cinderella...

Artist: andreainsta241

7. And Aurora, too!

Artist: mua.sarak

8. If you ever wondered how Goofy would look on your makeup, here's your answer:

Artist: ohmystevie

9. The excitement surrounding the new Beauty and the Beast movie has reached unexpected levels.

Artist: sunnymint7

10. And some couldn't resist using their magical makeup skills to recreate entire scenes from the movie.

Artist: tal_peleg

11. If you were hoping for something a bit more subtle, maybe this Rapunzel look is the one for you.

Artist: beautybybettyjean

12. Or how about the classic color that defined Ariel?

Artist: notamakeuppartist

13. Blue eyeliner, terra-cotta eyeshadow, and a touch of gold to transform into Pocahontas.

Artist: make_hits

14. Don't even lie, you know you would go out with this Red Queen look from Alice in Wonderland.

Artist: ears_will_bleed

15. And maybe even this one, inspired by the beloved Dory.

Artist: staytruesailor

16. Sometimes more is more, as is the case with this FABULOUS look from Up.

Artist: colorcoatedbeauty

Eyebrows most definitely on fleek!

17. Not to mention this magical pair, straight out of Neverland.

Artist: ohmystevie

18. Anyone else craving spaghetti?

Artist: tal_peleg

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