SURELY you remember That's So Raven, the Disney Channel show about a teen whose psychic powers were always getting her in trouble.

As Raven-Symoné so aptly put it in her theme song: "I try to save the situation, then I end up misbehaving. Oh-oh-oh-oh."

It was the greatest thing on television from 2003 to 2007.

Well, last fall, Disney finally ~came to their senses~ and announced a That's So Raven spinoff. It's called Raven's Home, and y'all, the trailer is officially HERE. RAVEN BAXTER IS BACK, YA NASTIES.

And now she's a mother to twins — one of whom has inherited her psychic abilities!

Raven's BFF Chelsea is back! And SHE'S A MOTHER, TOO.

(Parts of this trailer made me feel very, very old TBH.)

The trailer is only 30 seconds long, and leaves us with many burning questions. Like, will Raven continue to solve all her problems through the art of disguise? Will she sing her own theme song again?! WILL CORY BE IN THE HOUSE???

Guess we'll have to tune in to find out. In the meantime, watch the full trailer below:

Truly, we are living in the Golden Age of television.

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