This is not a drill, people. Disney Channel is airing almost all of its original movies, and we can’t stop jumping up and down, because this is everything we’ve dreamed of and more.

In honor of its 100th original movie, Adventures in Babysitting, the network is going to let us all pretend we’re back in elementary and middle school while we watch some of the ~best~ movies ever.

According to a press release, the magical event is going to begin on Friday, May 27, with a four-day marathon of 51 original movies, followed by airings during the month of June of every other original movie ever made. OMG THIS IS TOO MUCH TO HANDLE. WHAT A SUMMER TO BE ALIVE.

There’s going to be Alley Cats Strike!:

And Quints and Pixel Perfect:

And The Thirteenth Year and Johnny Tsunami:

And Double Teamed and Twitches:

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