1. Why are there so many enchanted objects?

There are hundreds of enchanted objects like cleaning supplies, dishes, and beauty products. Did the castle REALLY have THAT many servants? Or did the spell make some objects enchanted??

2. Who expects a child to let some stranger into their home?

Lumiere said that “it’s been 10 years” since the spell was placed on the castle. The Beast has to fall in love by the time he’s 21. Do the math: 21-10=11. Who expects an 11-year-old to answer the door to a complete stranger and just let them stay the night? That Enchantress needs to sort out her priorities.

3. Why is Chip so young?

10 years went by before the spell was broken. Chip is Mrs. Potts’s son, who seems a bit younger than 10. Did Mrs. Potts have Chip WHILE being a teapot?? How did Chip know he was human?? Where is Mr. Potts??? WHAT????

4. Why do the villagers act so surprised by the castle?

The castle was right outside the village. You’d assume that Prince Adam ruled over the village and that there was a royal family. So when Belle proves that the beast is real, why did the villagers act like they had no clue about the castle? Like did anyone wonder what happened to Adam??

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