#1 We all thought it was a throwaway line when Edna mentioned that Jack-Jack seemed to be a fan of Mozart, but in the Pixar short, Jack-Jack Attack, his babysitter plays it for him.

This is the first appearance of the baby's powers, so clearly the classical music has an impact on the tiny tot.

#2 I don't know about any of you, but I was on the edge of my seat looking for the iconic Pixar Easter Egg A-113 to show up, but I had to wait until the very end.

The movie theater that the family drops Violet and Tony off at is playing the film Dementia 13, but a typo allowed the filmmakers to toss in a nod to a classroom from California Institute of Art.

#3 Any Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul fans out there would have caught voices from both Saul and everyone's favorite badass, Mike.

Bob Odenkirk was, of course, the voice behind Winston Deavor, and Jonathan Banks portrayed Rick Dicker.

#4 The coffee mug that Bob is drinking from when helping Dash with his math homework has an Insuricare logo on it. This is the company that fired Bob in the first film.

I, personally, would have thrown that mug across the room if I was him.

#5 When you sound out Evelyn Deavor's name it sounds similar to "evil endeavor" which foreshadows her dark alter-ego.

I think we were all a little suspicious of this woman throughout the entire film, but it was literally spelled out for us.

#6 Catherine Keener, who is the voice behind evil mastermind Evelyn Deavor, played a character in Get Out who also used hypnosis to gain control over her victims.

So never trust Catherine Keener. That's the lesson learned here.

#7 Winston's father having two phones dedicated to getting in contact with specific superheroes is a definite nod to Adam West's Batman from the '60s and his red phone.

If you missed this clear Batman reference, then I don't even know if we can be friends anymore.

#8 The motel that the Parr's stay at is actually a real place in Hollywood. It just so happens to be located several blocks from Disney Studios.

It also shows up in Quentin Tarantino's True Romance, and clearly these two films go hand in hand.

#9 The man behind many Pixar voices made an appearance once again, but you might have missed it if you were late to the movie.

John Ratzenberger voiced The Underminer in the opening sequence.

He's also the voice of Hamm in Toy Story, Yeti in Monster's, Inc., and Mack in Cars.

#10 When Helen is on the phone with Bob in her hotel room, there's a piece of art above her bed that reflects the state of the Parr family.

There are four geometric shapes that represent each family member (that little ball is Jack-Jack), and the one off to the side shows how Elastigirl is isolated from her family.

Pixar, you're so clever.

#11 Dash wanting to pull Mr. Incredible up from the water early is a callback to the first film when Helen won't shoot the robot until she has a clear shot.

So I guess being patient is the key to saving the day?

#12 The same Chinese takeout boxes that the Parr family eats from can also be found in other Pixar films like Monster's, Inc., Inside Out, and Toy Story 2.

Here I was looking for the Luxo ball and Pizza Planet truck when I should have been looking at the food all along.

#13 Fans are pretty convinced that Jack-Jack's ability to teleport to another dimension is a nod to the film Poltergeist, where the family's daughter, Carol Anne, does the same.

Since Craig T. Nelson appears in both The Incredibles and Poltergeist, we're going to go ahead and say this one fits.

#14 Fans were notably shook when they couldn't seem to spot the famous Pizza Planet truck in the first film, despite it making an appearance in almost every other Pixar movie.

That's why one eagle-eyed viewer made sure to point out that there is a truck next to the Screenslaver's building that appears to have the iconic Pizza Planet rocket on the top.

Since the Screenslaver ended up being a brainwashed pizza delivery boy, this would make total sense.

#15 When Evelyn tries to convince Elastigirl that the pizza delivery guy is actually the Screenslaver, she comments, "Einstein was a patent clerk!"

This is actually a reference to Ghostbusters, when Peter tries to motivate Ray by dropping almost the exact same line.

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