Remember in The Little Mermaid when Ariel signs Ursula’s contract, trading her voice for legs so she can pursue her ~one true love~ she’s met literally once?

Seems like a poor life choice, but ANYWAY.

Someone finally gave that contract the legal analysis it was long overdue for, and has deemed that Ariel was well within her rights to have it annulled.

Shon Faye, the London-based comic and writer who wrote the analysis, told BuzzFeed she went to law school and is fully qualified to practice commercial law.

“Ariel was always my favorite Disney princess. I always strongly identified with her, probably because we’re both trans women,” Faye said. “I mean, I’m just transgender, whereas I guess Ariel is trans-species, but you know, getting here wasn’t an easy ride for either of us!”

Faye said she recently decided to break down the legal inconsistencies when she was rewatching the movie and noticed Ursula says the contract is “legal, binding, and completely unbreakable.”

“I was like, ‘Not sure that’s true, babe,’” she said.

Faye spent about 45 minutes writing out the argument, and DANG it is in depth.

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