Some of the nonsense is so out there that it inspires insane yet believable fan theories. Like crabs don't generally father whales or characters who don’t change their clothes during a whole movie. The more likely explanation, though, is that there is no explanation. No one involved in the creation process concerns themselves with logic. And why should they? Here are some of the dumbest scenes from our favorite animations that lack logic. Keep on scrolling down and see if you have the answers to any of these.

#1 They Can Just Slip Between The Bars, Right?

#2 So A Half Human And Half Fish Has Nipples But A Real Human Doesn't?

#3 Why Doesn't He Just Slip His Wings Through?

#4 He Can't Recall The Face Of The Girl He Fell In Love With?

#5 Is It Hard For Him To Put A Shirt On?

#6 Gravity Doesn't Exist Until You Look Down?

#7 Listening To Music With His Eyes, Where Are His Ears?

#8 A Drowning Starfish?

#9 Why Is Squidward Watering The Flowers Underwater?

#10 How Is SpongeBob Blowing Through The Aqualung?

#11 How Does A Crab Have A Daughter That Is A Whale?

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