#1 In Up, all of the possessions on Ellie's side of the bed are round, whereas everything on Carl's side is square — the same shapes as their character design.

#2 Prior to getting hit by lightning, Wall-E only has one bar of battery remaining. After getting struck he's fully charged.

#3 In Toy Story, the carpet in Sid's house looks eerily similar to the carpet that lines the hallways of the hotel from The Shining.

#4 Pixar must be pretty big fans of The Shining, because a painting of the movie's infamous twins can be seen in Coco.

#5 The first Toy Story also features a quick reference to the iconic chestburster scene from Alien.

#6 And another movie reference occurs in Toy Story 2, when Rex appears in the reflection of a car mirror, similar to the T-Rex from Jurassic Park.

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