1. After the plane crashes, Elastigirl realizes that the debris is about to fall on them by looking at its reflection in the water.

2. The holdup scene is a nod to Die Hard with a Vengeance, which also starred Samuel L. Jackson.

3. At one point, Bob comes across an article in a newspaper he is reading that states Simon J. Paladino is missing. This is the secret identity for Gazerbeam, who Bob finds dead in the cave.

4. When Frozone is attempting to take a drink of water because he's dehydrated and can't use his powers, a close-up on his lips show that they are dry.

5. The phone number on the business card that is given to Bob is 866-787-7476, which spells out SUPRHRO on a keypad.

6. When Bob's boss, Mr. Huph, sharpens his pencil, you can see that it reads, "Your Life is in our Hands."

7. When Mr. Incredible first encounters Incrediboy, he mistakenly calls him Brodie, which is a reference to Jason Lee's character in Mallrats.

8. The terrified boy in the waiting room in Finding Nemo is reading a Mr. Incredible comic book, and you can actually see him on the cover.

9. When Mr. Incredible and Frozone are listening to the police scanner, we see a sign that reads "Andy's Restaurant" which is a nod to Andy from Toy Story and "Luxo's Deli" which is the Pixar lamp.

10. Bomb Voyage, the mime-turned-villain, can be seen at the end of Ratatouille working as a mime.

11. All the superheroes who sit in the second row at Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl's wedding are the ones who die.

This is why:

12. During the fight between the Incredibles and the Omnidroid, you can spot Doc Hudson from Cars parked on the street.

13. There's been some debate about when the movie takes place, but thanks to high definition technology, we can see that the newspaper Bob reads has the date May 16, 1962.

14. One of the items dumped out of the purse that the robber steals is a Mr. Incredible Pez dispenser. Clearly, someone is a fan, and where can I get that dispenser? Asking for a friend.

15. The two random old men on the street at the end of the movie are actually an homage to Disney animating legends Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, who voiced the characters.

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