#1 Seeing Aladdin as a woman makes me realize this is a movie that needs to happen.

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#2 Is is just me or is Prince Phillip as a woman actually super gorgeous?

#3 Seeing a female Tarzan is pretty awesome.

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#4 Obviously, seeing General Li Shang as a woman kind of reminds us of Mulan trying to pass as a man.

#5 This reimagination of Prince Adam aka the Beast is simply gorgeous.

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#6 Oh, okay, so apparently, all the Princes transformed into women are just naturally stunning. Who knew?

#7 Seeing the genders swapped here for Prince Eric and Ariel is pretty cool.

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#8 Seeing a female version of Kristoff from Frozen has me thinking that she and Anna would be inseparable.

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#9 Seeing a female Hans looking just as evil is really impressive.

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#10 Is it just me or would each and every one of these movies be a million times better if the genders were swapped?

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#11 Okay, I'm just going to say that the female version of Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog is still super gorgeous and dreamy-looking.

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#12 And while we're talking about dreamy characters...

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#13 Okay, I know Hercules is a man and because of the way the Greek pantheon works, he could never actually be a female.

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#14 I have a feeling that there would have been a lot less drama if the female version of John Smith showed up instead of the male.

#15 Female Phoebus is actually so adorable, so don't even come for me on this.

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#16 Let's be honest, the male version of Flynn Rider would have been so jealous of the female version's awesome nose.

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