If you're any kind of Disney fan, chances are you have a favorite Disney princess (or maybe you love all of them?!). And, as a kid, I imagine you were REALLY into your fav, too. Like, we're talking posters, action figures, costumes — basically, the sky was the limit!

For 23-year-old Venezuelan artist Frank Figueredo, however, being into Disney princesses was not so accepted when he was growing up.

via: Frank Figueredo

"There was a problem," Figueredo explains, "people told me that I could not have those preferences because I was not a 'normal child.' But why? I just spent it drawing in my notebooks the princesses that I liked and why not? I could not understand why I should not admire them. They seemed so great to me. They were adventurous, fantastic, they fought for a goal and fulfilled their dreams. For me they were like warriors."

So, as an adult, Figueredo imagined what it might be like if boys were able to dress up as their Disney princess heroes and — fair warning — the results are SO GOOD.

Snow White:

via: Frank Figueredo


via: Frank Figueredo

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