#1 The batteries in Buzz Lightyear are made by the same company from Wall-E.

The company is called Buy N' Large, and its logo has also appeared in Up and Cars 3.

#2 Did you notice that the mountains in the background of Cars are also cars?

#3 Oh, and the flies in Cars are also tiny little cars with wings.

#4 The lantern that Rapunzel touches in Tangled is the one that her parents lit.

#5 In The Princess and the Frog, Dr. Facilier's shadow briefly changes the wallpaper pattern from its normal pattern to skulls and crossbones.

#6 Andy from Toy Story might be related to Ellie or Carl from Up, and my heart can't take it.

One of the postcards from Up actually shows up in Toy Story 3 in the background on Andy's corkboard.

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