1. Yes, there are tunnels. No, they aren't magical.

They're called the "Utilidors," and they run underground throughout the Magic Kingdom. Why? The Utilidors are the main way cast members can get to different sides of the park. They're also used to transport trash out of the view of the guests.

2. The costuming department is amazing.


Disney has costumes for everything. Have you noticed how every person at a restaurant, resort, and attraction has a different costume? Have you noticed that Mickey Mouse has multiple outfits for every occasion? They're all stored in costuming, which is a wonderland.

3. If you see a cast member named Chris from Orlando, their name probably isn't Chris, and they probably aren't from Orlando.

Any time a cast member forgets their name tag at home, they get a substitute name tag for the day. Substitute name tags are all "Chris from Orlando." There's probably a cast member actually named Chris who's from Orlando, and that lucky person never has to remember their name tag.

4. There are parties exclusively for cast members, and they come straight from every Disney nerd's dreams.


As a cast member, we get tours of dark rides with the lights on, parties where special characters come out, and special access to parks after hours. It's pretty legit.

5. We have to stay on schedule, and we're not sorry.


We can't make exceptions for Fastpasses, meet-and-greets, or reservations if you're late. Unfortunately, there has to be a cutoff somewhere. If you wait until the last minute, we're going to turn you away. We've got to stick to the clock, but it's nothing personal.

6. Sometimes, we stay in character even when we visit the parks as guests.

There is nothing more strange than the look parents give you when you're in ripped jeans and a Thrasher shirt and ask their child, "Are you having a magical day, princess?"

7. Cast members have a certain way they point their fingers.

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It's called the Disney point, and it's a two-finger point with the middle and index finger. We do it because pointing with one finger is considered rude in some cultures. Walt Disney also used to point with two fingers because he almost always had a cigarette in his hand.

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