If you’re one of the millions of sane people who would rather watch every direct-to-video Disney sequel than hear “Let it Go” one more time, then you might initially balk at Frozen’s inclusion on this list. While it’s true that the headlining ditty did suffer from overexposure, it’s still one of the top standalone Disney tracks ever created, and a pretty good representative for the overall strength of the Frozen soundtrack.

Frozen’s soundtrack doesn’t quite recapture the brilliance of some of the top Disney compilations of the past, but it’s collection of composed tunes and stage songs does do a brilliant job of setting the film’s mood. Frozen would undoubtedly find itself higher on this list if a couple of the lyrical tunes were a little more memorable, but the way that the composed songs so perfectly fit the winter wonderland that the movie’s visuals paint elevates it to the top tier of the Disney pack.

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