1. Millenios

Remember when: Y2K was going to destroy the galaxy, but at least we had special Cheerios to take the edge off?

2. Holiday Spice Pepsi

Remember when: pumpkin spice was just a gleam in some marketing company’s eye, and all we had was this vaguely cinnamon-y Pepsi?

3. Kudos Bars

Remember when: these were really just candy bars, but your mom put them in your lunch as a healthy snack anyway?

4. Hidden Valley Pizza Ranch

Remember when: the thought of putting this on actual pizza blew your damn mind?

5. JELL-O Cheesecake Cups

Remember when: this tasted soooo much more decadent than normal JELL-O?

6. Life Savers Holes

Remember when: these commercials made you want to buy them in every flavor?

7. Flintstones Push-Ups

Remember when: these weren’t quite ice cream, but weren’t quite frozen yogurt, and were 1000% delicious?

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