Let yourself get acquainted with the inspired work of Astkhik Rakimova and s0alaina, both artists who transforms the nations favorite cartoon characters into human beings. Thought you were attracted to Lady from Lady and the Tramp before? Just wait until you see her stunning lifelike transformation.

Sponge Bob SquarePants From Sponge Bob SquarePants

Artist: Astkhik Rakimova

With his luminescent sponge colored hair and delightful smattering of freckles, HumanBob Squarepants looks as though he's brimming with as much optimism as his spongey alter ego.

Red, The Angriest Bird From The Angry Birds Movie

Artist: Astkhik Rakimova

Worryingly, Red The Angriest Human does not look too dissimilar to most people on an early morning commute.

Bolt & Mittens From Bolt

Artist: s0alaina

Bolt and Mittens would definitely belong to the 'Art Freaks' clique at the Mean Girls high school.

Chloe From The Secret Life Of Pets

Artist: Astkhik Rakimova

Tabby cat Chloe as a human channeling all of us on Thanksgiving.

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