If you haven't heard by now, the first Toy Story 4 teaser trailer just dropped and it pretty much has everyone extremely excited.

Just look at this CRAZY-GOOD DETAIL...

#1 Like the fact that Forky's eyes are attached with GLITTER GLUE:

#2 And that he also has glitter glue "buttons," too:

#3 The slightly jagged edges of Forky's prongs (you KNOW you've scraped your mouth on something like this before):

#4 The small scuff and scratch marks that show up under the rosy cheeks Bonnie has given him:

#5 The lifelike fuzziness and wiring of his pipe cleaner hands you can practically feel:

#6 This weird, little, plastic circle that shows up on the back of some plastic forks (probably from when they're being made):

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