On Monday, Atlanta native Christina Dean was watching The Proud Family Movie. She paused it midway through and thought, “[What] the heck is that in the background?” she said.

The Disney Channel Original Movie of the popular animated series came out in 2005, when The Proud Family officially ended.

Dean said she thought to rewatch the movie that day because she had it recorded.

Dean noticed a stick-figure drawing of the cashier in one of the scenes and started cracking up. She snapped the moment and tweeted, “It’s obvious they didn’t give a damn about the background.” Her tweet went viral, with over 23,000 retweets so far.

“I thought I was seeing things,” she said, laughing.

But sure enough, the depiction of the cashier (or what’s supposed to be the cashier) in the background did actually make it to the final cut of the Disney movie.

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