The eye-catching cinematography in Disney's Encanto inspired like-minded artists to create and share their depictions of the Madrigals online. Their talent is on full display on Instagram, Twitter, and many more places on the internet, where many have been posting exquisite designs and other concept artwork from the production. From the Madrigal family to the stunning scenes of Colombia, fans have produced works of art that are as captivating as the movie. Below is some of the best work we have seen.

#1 🎶7 Foot Frame, Rats Along His Back🎶 by Soposiii

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Image credit: soposiii

#2 Have You Seen My Rat? by ColinGoldstein3

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Image credit: ColinGoldstein3

#3 Morning Coffee And Kisses ☕️ by Kinschi

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via: kinschi

via: kinschi

Image credit: kinschi

#4 Selfie 🤳 by Waguri_341

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Image credit: waguri_341

#5 Talk About Bruno by Sour_Lemmon

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Image credit: Sour_lemmon

#6 The Madrigal Sisters 🕯 by CinnaVee

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Image credit: CinnaVee

#7 PB&J 🧡💚💙 by Kinschi

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Image credit: kinschi

#8 When You Call His Name... by Yonggall

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Image credit: yonggall

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