With Halloween just around the corner, what a perfect time to reimagine Disney princesses as witches. Emma G, also known as @ekg.arts on Instagram, is a talented artist who turned Disney princesses into powerful dark witches — perfect for Halloween time! She also includes a couple of sped-up videos of the creation process. It's fascinating to see the steps that go into making these Disney characters, like Pocahontas as a witch.

Emma started her series on Instagram after she was influenced by Yudelmis San Emeterio, another artist who transforms Disney characters. "I've been so inspired by @vanotyarts for her Disney glow-ups, I decided to try my own," Emma said on her Instagram. "And what better way to make my own spin than to make them all witches?" Needless to say, Disney fans love Emma's witchy princesses.

Check out Emma's first 8 witches down below, she plans to continue her dark witch series with Esmeralda, Kida, Rapunzel, Cinderella, and Snow White on her list of potential Disney princesses, can't wait!

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#1 Pocahontas

via: @ekg.arts

#2 Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

via: @ekg.arts

#3 Mulan

via: @ekg.arts

#4 Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

via: @ekg.arts

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