So, I am fully aware that people are going to come at me with a world of hate for my garbage opinion but, here it is anyway: *whispers* I hate The Lion King.

I know, I know, I know. It's iconic. And, if you grew up in the '90s like me, it might even be your favorite Disney movie. But, here's the thing: I hate movies that make me sad — especially animated ones (looking at you, Up).

Now, I get that the movie has its happy moments.

The lion prince — aka Simba — is taken in by two fellow outcasts, falls in love with his long-lost childhood sweetheart, and brings the Pride Lands back to their former glory after defeating the evil Scar.

But, before all of the lovey-dovey, feel-good "Hakuna Matata" stuff, there's a scene that rips out your heart, throws it off a cliff, and lets it get squished to smithereens in a stampede while an evil villain smirks at you through the TV screen, thus ruining your childhood forever.

Sound familiar? How could it not?! In a pretty savage bout of sibling rivalry, Scar lures his brother, King Mufasa, to his death so that he can rule over the pride.

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