1. Ooh! Look at this Toy Story cake! [Credit: Peter Norgate]

2. This A Bug’s Life cake proves that having bugs all over your birthday cake isn’t necessarily a bad thing. [Credit: Mykeik Cupcakes and Pastry]

3. Sully is the star of this beautiful Monsters, Inc. cake (Sorry, Mike). [Credit: Pasteleria MoonBerry]

4. But don’t worry Mike Wazowski fans — he’s impressively front and center on this eye-catching cake. [Credit: Sugar Ministry Artisan Cake Shop]

5. This Finding Nemo cake might be too cute to eat (but you could say that about most of these). [Credit: Magical Munchies]

6. This The Incredibles cake surprisingly made Jack-Jack the star. How cool is that? [Credit: Zuba Cupcakes]

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