It's the most wonderful time of the year, and people are creating magical Disney-themed Christmas trees from movies like The Little Mermaid to Toy Story. Every Disney lover wants to bring a little bit of Disney into their Christmas decor. So what better way to do that than to have a Disney Christmas tree.

They look as astonishing as the movies we have grown-up watching over the years. The Toy Story tree is so fascinating, the bows and ornaments are delightfully colorful, and the blocks spelling Andy’s name beside oversized Christmas lights make us swoon with joy. What’s not to love?

Look for yourself at some of the most magical Disney Christmas trees we have seen, and maybe you can get some ideas for your own Christmas tree this year!

#1 Lion King Christmas Tree

via: DisneylandParisBonsPlans

Image Credit: Disneyland Paris Bons Plans

#2 Cinderella Christmas Tree

via: carolinachong

Image Credit: Carolina Chong

#3 Stitch Christmas Tree

via: Stitch626Lovers

Image Credit: Stitch Lovers

#4 Toy Story Christmas Tree

via: christmas.ekiyas

Image Credit: Christmas Ekiyas

#5 Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

via: lostboysofatlantica

Image Credit: Lost Boys of Atlantica

#6 Inside Out Christmas Tree

via: maggiesenchantedpartyevents

Image Credit: Maggie's Enchanted Events

#7 The Fairest Of Them All

via: artfredocreations

Image Credit: Alfredo Majuri Vargas

#8 Beauty and the Beast Christmas Tree

via: _hello.lovely_

Image Credit: Jade

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