1. Isn't having 101 Dalmatians in your home breaking some sort of bylaw?

I mean, I get that the dogs have been rescued, and it's great that they're not being made into fur coats, but having this many pets in a home has the makings of a show you'd see on TLC.

2. How does literally nobody catch on that Mulan is a female?

I mean, she doesn't have an Adam's apple, her voice isn't deep, and when she tries to fake a man's voice, it's not at all convincing. She doesn't even have any masculine features!

3. Also, why did Mulan have to go to war in the first place?

We know her dad wasn't in the best shape and that's why she stepped up, right? Well, she got told to go pack up and go home because she couldn't climb the post.

Clearly, her father wouldn't have been able to get through these physical challenges and would have been sent home too!

4. I still have one big issue with Frozen.

When Elsa is building her ice castle, what exactly was she planning on sleeping on? A giant block of ice? What about her plumbing situation? That sounds super uncomfortable, even if the cold doesn't bother you.

5. I've always wondered: In Cinderella, why don't her glass slippers disappear or turn back into regular shoes after midnight?

Everything else did. What made those slippers so special that they got to stick around?

6. Also, the Prince demands that he's going to find this mystery woman using the glass slipper.

But he had no idea that it was magical and made just for Cinderella.

Why didn't he consider that the shoe might have fit on multiple women given that, for all he knows, it's just regular footwear?

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