Joel DuQue, better known as DeviantArt user CeruleanRaven is spoiling us tonight with one of the most amazing Disney art ever.

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#1 Jasmine: Wind/Earth

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Artist Comment: "Jasmine as Wind. I couldn’t get the idea of her swirling in a sandstorm out of my head. I guess in actuality its Earth/Wind, but we’ll just ignore that. Jasmine seems like a Storm to me, Calm at times but has great potential to be strong and powerful."

#2 Megara: Darkness

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Artist Comment: "I know BIG surprise she’s the dark element! Well Perhaps i’m unoriginal, but I couldn’t think of a more appropriate candidate. I mean MAYBE Snow White… that could have been interesting actually. However it has been decided. Megara Element of Darkness."

#3 Ariel: Water/Ocean

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Artist Comment: "There, another Sherlock Holmes worthy element of choice, someone should tattoo all these on their back(preferably a hairy , middle-aged male)

Alright here’s Ariel. I had this basic pose and color scheme drawn up when I first got the idea for the project about a month ago. The water elemental is an obvious choice for her, I originally was going to paint her more as a fish with swirling moss around her. How boring would that have been?

So trying to incorporate actual water, and making it look like water was/is incredibly difficult. I still don’t think I pulled it quite off. If there is one thing I learned its that I can’t paint water very well. D:

#4 Snow White: The Moon

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Artist Comment: "I was struggling with concepting this one. At first I wasn’t sure which element i was going to go with. My first idea was Earth/Gems. To reflect the Dwarves mine full of colorful gems, and in fact that Snow Whites dress is the most colorful out of them all. (Primary Colors scheme ftw?) But then people kept mentioning Snow. Seemed almost too obvious… then I thought about taking out all the color from her. That idea stuck with me and I couldn’t get it out. Plus I’ve been so bright and colorful with every entry I really wanted to try to do something new here. So here is what I have i guess."

#5 Pocahontas: Wood/Nature

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Artist Comment: "This seemed obvious for me. She was also the first element I thought of. I have yet to decide whether she will be “wood” or “earth” since I could have more ideas for Earth on another Princess. Hrmm. We’ll see. Hope you enjoy."

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