Despite what you may think, some of the beautiful worlds found in our favorite Disney movies aren’t just works of imagination but actual locations that exist! The dream castles, forests, waterfalls, mountains, islands, cities, buildings, streets, and many others from this real-world are depicted so beautifully that those stunning locations have become popular destinations.

The locations hand-picked by the movie production teams go from dramatic castles to enchanted forests to natural formations, and we love it. Disney movies always seem to bring our inner child out. The contrast between reality and imagination is a delight for all ages. Scroll down and find out which of your favorite places from Disney movies you would visit around the world.

#1 Moana's Motonui Is Based On Samoa

#2 "Finding Nemo" Sydney Harbour, Australia

#3 "Peter Pan" Big Ben, London

#4 Corona, In "Tangled" Is Based On Mont Saint-Michel, In Normandy

#5 "Hercules" Ancient Greece In General

#6 "Up" Angel Falls, Venezuela

#7 The "Sleeping Beauty" Castle Is Based On Neuschwanstein, As Is Cinderella's Castle In Disneyworld, Orlando, FL

#8 The Coronation Scene In "Frozen" Is Based On St. Olaf's Church In Balestrand, Norway

#9 "The Emperor's New Groove" Is Based On Machu Picchu In Peru

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