Yesterday, Disney teased that they would soon be releasing a trailer for the much-anticipated sequel to The Incredibles.

And after the longest THIRTEEN YEARS of my life, it's finally here!!

Yes, I know it's short, but it's STILL GREAT.

It looks as if the movie will pick up right where the first one left off — the family's back at home after defeating Syndrome, only to discover that Jack Jack has come into his powers!

(FWIW, I hope that babysitter got a raise.)

Which means that Edna Mode will have to design him a super suit, right?! Because I need Edna in my life. (Look ? at ? that ? sass.)

Speaking of super suits, did Frozone ever find his?? We need answers!

Anyway, fans of the first movie have hilariously become...a little territorial of the upcoming sequel.

Which, to be fair, I totally get because we've waited SO LONG for this!

Idk about you, but I'll be going to one of those 21+ theaters so I can watch Incredibles 2 with all of my fellow millennials who understand where I'm coming from.


Now, watch the trailer again and get psyched for June 18th!

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