#1 First, Anna and Elsa were not originally sisters in Frozen. Instead, Anna was a peasant that asked the evil Snow Queen (Elsa) to freeze her broken heart.

#2 Also, Elsa originally froze her own heart because she was left at the altar on her wedding day.

#3 The original pitch for Lilo and Stitch involved an alien being discovered in the woods in Kansas — the story would've focused on woodland creatures not wanting to interact with the alien.

#4 In early drafts of The Incredibles, Syndrome wasn't going to be the main villain — he would've appeared in only one scene similar to Bomb Voyage.

#5 In The Lion King, Scar was originally going to raise Simba following Mufasa's death.

Scar would’ve been trying to kill Simba, but when spotted by others, he would’ve made it look like he saved Simba and taken him in.

#6 Originally, Up was about two brothers who lived in a floating, magical city.

#7 Tangled almost featured Rapunzel living in modern-day San Francisco and then getting transported to a fairy tale world — think the reverse of Enchanted.

#8 Toy Story 2 originally included a character named Señorita Cactus that would've helped Prospector Pete take down Woody.

#9 The original plot for Zootopia featured Nick having an idea to create an amusement park called "Wild Time" — a place where predators could be free and have fun.

#10 Inside Out originally had a storyline in which Riley acted in her school play. The movie also almost featured 27 of Riley's emotions instead of five.

#11 An early idea for Mulan featured Mulan and Shang having an arranged marriage. Despising the idea of an arranged marriage would've been the main reason for Mulan to join the army.

#12 Originally, Monsters, Inc. was going to be about an adult man who's haunted by different monsters — the monsters would've been fears that he never dealt with as a kid.

#13 In Pocahontas, Pocahontas originally had a talking turkey named Redfeather as a sidekick — the clumsy turkey was going to be voiced by John Candy.

#14 The Emperor's New Groove was originally supposed to be a Prince and the Pauper-like story. The film was also supposed to be a musical and feature music by Sting.

#15 In early drafts of Moana, Moana was going to be the biggest Maui fan and would've been slightly disappointed in seeing where her idol ended up.

#16 Originally, Ursula was supposed to be King Triton's estranged sister, thus making her Ariel's aunt in The Little Mermaid.

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