#1 First, Anna and Elsa were not originally sisters in Frozen. Instead, Anna was a peasant that asked the evil Snow Queen (Elsa) to freeze her broken heart.

#2 Also, Elsa originally froze her own heart because she was left at the altar on her wedding day.

#3 The original pitch for Lilo and Stitch involved an alien being discovered in the woods in Kansas — the story would've focused on woodland creatures not wanting to interact with the alien.

#4 In early drafts of The Incredibles, Syndrome wasn't going to be the main villain — he would've appeared in only one scene similar to Bomb Voyage.

#5 In The Lion King, Scar was originally going to raise Simba following Mufasa's death.

Scar would’ve been trying to kill Simba, but when spotted by others, he would’ve made it look like he saved Simba and taken him in.

#6 Originally, Up was about two brothers who lived in a floating, magical city.

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